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Welcome to Research Dreams

a platform for dreams about the near and distant future of scientific and scholarly research

Narratives play an important role in the creation of new concepts, tools and ways of working. Presently, most of these stories only live within their own discipline. Research Dreams constitutes a support and intersection for stories, scenarios, and speculations about the future of scientific and scholarly research. Research Dreams and its participants aim to strengthen the role of these stories and to reflect on the potential of connections across narratives. This website creates links across expectations and dreams of working scientists, of scholars, and of those engaged with research in a variety of ways. Contributions to this project are welcome!

This project is launched on the occasion of Paul Wouters' inaugural lecture for the chair in Knowledge Dynamics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Research Dreams is developed in cooperation with Onderzoek Nederland, the Dutch professional bi-weekly about research, development and innovation. Research Dreams is part of the Erasmus Virtual Knowledge Studio KNAW, a collaboration of the Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.