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Tips for One-Way or Pre-recorded Video Interview Success

Check out tips for one-way or pre-recorded video interview success

One-way video interviews are the digital way of screening the candidates at an initial stage. The customary hiring methods would require the recruiter to screen each applicant personally, but modern recruiting tools have tremendously transformed the hiring process. 87% of the recruiters now use video interview platforms to screen and hire candidates.

How are one-way or pre-recorded interviews done?

In one-way interviews, the employers prepare a question kit and forward it to all the applicants in one go. The applicants have to video record their responses and submit them to the recruiter for further evaluation within the deadline.

One-way interviews are mutually beneficial to the candidate and employers. Let's see how:

For the recruiter:
• Eliminates personal screening of each candidate saving a lot of time and energy
• They need not follow up with each candidate personally
• Screening is done quickly and efficiently
• Eliminates the bias involved in hiring

For the candidate:
• They can submit their responses at their comfort and time availability
• Requires no extra downloads or installation
• It gives each candidate a fair chance to perform their best
• Each candidate is treated and judged equally and only based on their skills

For the above reasons, both the candidates and employers prefer pre-recorded video interviews over traditional interviewing methods. Though one-way interviews are extremely popular and practiced often, many candidates still struggle to perform their best while giving these interviews. This blog would help you crack your next one-way video interview. Let's discuss some tips for one-way or pre-recorded interviews.

1. Use a suitable device and ensure good internet connectivity:

An applicant doesn’t require any extra setup; all you need is a device with a webcam (laptop, pc, tablet) or a smartphone with good internet connectivity.

Quick Tips:

• Make sure you maintain a stable camera angle throughout the interview, and your face is visible to the interviewer.

• Good internet connectivity is crucial because you don’t have many chances to submit your responses; any disturbance caused in between might waste your opportunity.

2. Read the interview instructions carefully:

You are advised to read the instructions and guidelines carefully; if you fail to understand any point, then research about it. Don't rush to record answers or start the time limit. Be patient and notice each and everything. Some essential things to see are:

• Question asked by the recruiter
• Number of attempts per question
• Time allotted for each question

Quick Tips:

It's better to call your HR personnel in case of doubts rather than wasting your opportunity by making mistakes in recording your response.

3. Dress professionally:

Unlike phone screening, pre-recorded interviews are very professional, and candidates are rejected or shortlisted based on their conduct and performance. Make sure you dress accordingly.

4. Be confident and don’t panic:

Pre-recorded interviews might be new for you, but it's just you talking to the camera. You need not panic and stress yourself during an interview.

Quick Tips:

You can practice recording your answers on your phone before you finally start recording your interview response. This way, you get used to the camera, reducing your chances of a fumble during the interview.

5. Submit your responses within the deadline:

One-way interviews are very modern in approach, and no recruiter will follow up with you for the reply. As soon as you receive the email, make sure you notice the last submission date and submit your responses on time.

6. Chose a suitable place to record:

A suitable place to record your video responses would be a blend of the following factors:

• Properly lit space: Make sure you are visible in the camera, and the lighting is not disturbing the camera lens.

• Quiet place with no disturbance: Any noise while recording your response might disturb your voice while recording your answer.

• Professional or decent background: Make sure the background doesn’t look inappropriate during your interview.

7. Look straight into the camera:
While recording your answers, look straight into the camera. Eye contact during a conversation portrays your confidence. Even if your surrounding gets disturbed mid-way, try not to get worried.
Quick Tips:
Clean your front camera lens before you start to record your response. This video response would be the only way to communicate about yourself to your recruiter. Be 100% sure about everything.

8. Practice the answers carefully before you start recording the response:
This would depend on your question kit as to how many tries you are given for each question. Most of the time, there might be only one chance. Practice all your answers multiple times before you are finally ready to record your response.

9. Be specific and clear in your answers:

Pre-recorded interviews are rapid and straightforward. Your answers have to be precise and one point. Every answer you record should be exact and nothing extra or unnecessary.

Quick Tip:

You can write down the particular and correct answers and then memorize them not to miss being on point while recording your response.

10. Be mindful of the time limit:

Every question kit would come with a time limit to answer each question. Make sure you cover all the topics you want to discuss in that answer quickly.

Quick Tip:

If you believe you have some great points, try including them first to get an edge over other candidates. Be both specific and extraordinary.

Wrapping it up:

All the above points cover mainly every tiny detail that would help you crack your next one-way video interview. If you are an employer looking for a video interviewing software for your business, the perfect one would be Jobma. Jobma is one of the best video interview platforms globally and makes your hiring process seamless. Visit and explore their free video interviewing services.