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Live Video Interview - Change the world of human resources

Since the introduction of live video interviews, the HR industry has become faster and more cost-efficient.

On average, millions of active job seekers apply for numerous job postings every day to get a desirable job in a big organization. While applying for these positions is pretty easy, you can become a bit confused about how to appear in a live video interview.

With video interviews( becoming a standard part of the recruitment industry, it’s important to learn about their pros and cons. First, we need to understand how live video interviews are changing the human resource industry so you can manage your preparation techniques. Let’s go through with the most popular changes in the HR industry.

How are video interviews different from in-person interviews?

Live video interviews are said to be the perfect alternative for in-office interviews. It is because you can meet a candidate face-to-face via a live video interview. You can easily conduct multiple interviews without having to worry about changing times or scheduling issues. You can also record live video interviews to assess a candidate’s performance before making a recruitment decision.

What are the questions asked in a video interview?

Live video interviews have also changed the way how we evaluate a candidate. With video interviews, you must ask specific questions to assess the candidate’s skills, abilities, and personality.

These assessments will help you determine whether the candidate is fit for the position in your company or not. Check out the following questions to properly evaluate a candidate.

• Tell me about yourself
• What excites you about this position?
• What’s the biggest challenge you faced in your work?

These questions will help you properly determine their knowledge, skills, experience, and culture fit. This way, you can quickly screen hundreds of applicants and reduce the risk of a bad hiring decision.

How can you target global talents for your recruitment?

Most organizations used to avoid hiring global talents as it usually costs more to recruit such individuals. With live video interviews, you can avoid unnecessary expenses such as traveling and accommodation.

Live video interviews help you to get in touch with top candidates so that you can hire them for remote positions. It will help you significantly lower the total expenses while you create a global recruitment strategy.

Reduce cost per hire by switching to a video interview

Every business wants to make more profit, but hiring new candidates is always costly. With video interviews, you can reduce the cost to hire by 70%. You can go with a video interview software such as Jobma, which will help you bring down your overall having cost. Such factors will create an effective recruitment strategy to find the best talents.

How to speed up your hiring speed with video interviews?

Empower your HR leaders and recruitment team with modern tools such as artificial intelligence and application tracking systems. It will help you automate the repetitive recruitment tasks and track and manage all the applicants.

You can check out the real-time progress of every candidate to keep a tab over the entire hiring process. So, video interview software will significantly improve your hiring time and boost your hiring productivity.

Since the introduction of live video interviews, the HR industry has become faster and more cost-efficient. It has helped recruiters get more freedom while searching for candidates across the globe.
With remote work becoming a popular option, many recruiters are offering it as a perk to attract more talents to their organization. If you want to contend in this fierce job market, you have to get video interview software such as Jobma. It is equipped with the latest technologies that could prove crucial to helping your business succeed in hiring top talents.

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