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About Research Dreams

How you can use this web site

The website is a community website. What you see now is only a start! The content will be extended and enriched on the basis of submissions by anyone who is interested in developing dreams about the future of research. This website can be used at three different levels: reading, commenting and contributing.

Using Research Dreams as a book

Research Dreams brings together all sorts of stories from all fields of knowledge. The website is not organized in a hierarchical way. Any story can be linked to any other story on the basis of keywords and tags which are assigned to the stories, either by the editors of the website or by the contributors of the stories. We aim to bring together all types of stories from a variety of sources. All sources will be acknowledged and rights will be respected. You can search through the Website using either words from the texts or keywords. We hope that this will bring stories together in an unexpected way, perhaps providing you with possibilities to jump start new ideas and associations. Of course, you can also use Research Dreams as a starting page for reading on the Web as a whole. Research Dreams aims to enrich submitted texts with relevant hyperlinks, both internally and externally.

Using Research Dreams for commentaries

Under each story, you can fill in your comments and submit them. They will be published immediately. Of course, inappropriate comments will be removed.

Using Research Dreams for contributions

You are very welcome to register as a user (click on the register button top right). From then on, you will be able to manage your own stories on the Website. The procedure for this is very intuitive, so most of it will be clear from the outset. More details can be found in the Anystory Manual (presently in Dutch). By registering as a user, you will also create additional possibilities for interaction with other users and with the editors. It is also possible, of course, to contribute without registering by sending your story or idea to .

About this project

This project is launched on the occasion of Paul Wouters' inaugural lecture for the chair in Knowledge Dynamics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Research Dreams is developed in cooperation with Onderzoek Nederland, the Dutch professional bi-weekly about research, development and innovation. Research Dreams is part of the Erasmus Virtual Knowledge Studio KNAW, a collaboration of the Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Research Dreams Manual

The Research Dreams Manual is available (in PDF format) in Dutch and English.