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Article: boraboraslip

When can I find cheap deals to fly to Vegas

cheap deals to fly to Vegas

What after knowing what is the cheapest month to fly to Vegas? Well, you must know the best day to purchase a flight ticket at their lowest.

Best days to book a flight ticket to Vegas

For Vegas, you might want to make a reservation on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday as you can get intriguing deals during any of these days.
Try and be flexible with your flight
Being flexible with an itinerary is more likely inevitable. Still, if you are flexible with your flight, you might be able to save a significant amount of money on your booking.
With itinerary flexibility comes the chances of scoring a cheap flight to Vegas, so try and do the searches on different arrival or departure dates.
Avoid the festival season
It is a myth that you can grab cheap flights nearby a festival. So you might have to book a flight months before if you wish to spend your festival in Vegas.
So take a look at the festival lists of Vegas and avoid booking a ticket around them-
1. Super Bowl Sunday in the early February
2. Valentine’s Day
3. New Year’s 
4. Electric Daisy Carnival is held in Vegas between May and June every year.
Though, now you know the answer to what is the cheapest month to fly to Vegas? But you might be able to grab the last-minute deal if you consider booking a ticket 14 days before the scheduled departure of your chosen flight. The last trick would be finding your way around by talking politely with the customer representative of the airline. If you can convince the airline, you can get impressive deals on your flight booking to Vegas.