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Article: David Hills

Jobma Introduces A Brand-New UI To Improve Users Interviewing Experience

Jobma Introduces A Brand-New UI To Improve Users Interviewing Experience

Jobma comes up with a new version of its user interface (UI) design, layout, and features to improve the user's interviewing experience at a new high. The cutting-edge improvement in design is made to attain a technologically advanced, visually appealing, attractive, and easy-to-access interviewing experience for both recruiters and the candidates. The purpose of introducing modifications to UI is to offer the best digital hiring solution with the latest design trending in the market in this category. Besides, the new design would brand Jobma as a vibrant recruiting software ( for all sizes of organizations and help them leave behind competitors. In this post, we're incorporating some key changes in Jobma's UI and design that are made keeping in mind customers comfort and ease of interviewing:

Changed dashboard color
Now you will experience a black theme color combination of Jobma website. This black color theme allows you to spend hours on the website without facing any discomfort from light reflection issues. You could feel soothing and visually calm while browsing the website. As we all know, exposure to bright light is not considered eye-friendly, makes you feel tired quickly, and refrains you from working for extended hours. This new design could help come out these issues. Some extended benefits of the black color theme are- It looks attractive and different from the existing design and highlights the design elements and buttons dominantly.
Upgraded layout
New features integrated into layout design such as a dashboard with greetings to feel users more engaging and communicative, dedicated storage to store candidate's data more securely and easily, free subscription to make hiring cost-free, direct job post option to make hiring convenient, and enhanced job posting experience transformed Jobma into a more welcoming, advanced, and affordable interviewing tool for both recruiters and the candidates. Not only this, better page alignment, newly added phone call option for interviewing, and integration of trending technology are some cutting-edge modifications in Jobma's new UI that make it unmatchable from its competitors.
Creative visualization
The visual experience is one of the deciding factors whether users stay on your website or not? Keeping this fact in mind, Jobma has introduced top-notch innovation in creating an effective visual effect on its website and successfully made their attempt. Now, when visiting the new website, you could notice the change and feel comfortable while exploring the website or scheduling your interviews. Our designers have tried to present complex data and analytics in front of users in a fun way that you can witness.
Easy Plan up-gradation
In old UI, you have to contact the websites' support team in order to alter your plan. But in a new setup, you don't have to contact the service provider to upgrade the plan as you can do it to yourself. Suppose you are using 'Essential Plan' of Jobma and want to upgrade to 'Enterprise Plan.' You can go on clicking on the plan up-gradation button and request an upgrade.
Track top-rated candidates
To make your recruitment more comprehensive and efficient new design has come up with dedicated features having the list of top-scored candidates on the evaluation page of Jobma, which wasn't available earlier. Using this, you can access a list of applicants with top scores in a job interview. It makes your hiring process evidence-based and improves the quality of hire.

Excellent UX writing
Intending to improve customers' experience and offer them error-free service, Jobma has enhanced its UX writing significantly and focused on engaging writing tricks to improve the website's call to action (CTA) effect. This small but significant modification in UI is made to transform user's engagement rate and avoid communication gaps.

Above are some notable modifications in Jobma new version to make hiring more tech-savvy, relevant, fast, and cost-effective for the people looking for a tech-savvy, affordable, and remote-based recruiting solution. If you also want a free video interviewing tool ( to boost your talent acquisition department capabilities, opt for Jobma. It will enrich you with the latest exciting digital interviewing features and ease your hiring effort without compromising the quality of hire.