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How do I contact a human on Facebook

contact a human on Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that has been helping people to connect with their old friends and loved ones.

You can get in touch with your oldest friend with the magic of Facebook. It has been developing over the years and now you can create a business account on Facebook and use it to earn money. 
Here, we will tell you the way by which you can get in touch with the live person of Facebook if you are facing some issue in your Facebook account.
As there are a lot of people trying to reach a Facebook live person, you may need to wait a while on hold. If you don’t want to wait, you can take help from the Help Center on your phone.
Sign in to your Facebook account to see the question mark symbol
Choose the Help Center option from the menu
Click on Ask a Question in the right corner of the next page
Choose your topic of the issue and click on the post button
You will get your answer in the Support Box.
So, these were the ways by which you can find the answer of how do I speak to a live person at Facebook.  You can also take help with the General feedback and Report a problem option. You will get the answer on technical support also.
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