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How to recover your Google Account with Date of Birth

Google Recovery using Date of Birth

Google acts as a protagonist in our day to day lives, providing us with every possible service which makes our lives easy

From the bank accounts that we hold to the route we take daily and the mailing platform we use to the cloud storage where we keep all our backup. Google has made our lives a lot easier. In simple words, we just cannot imagine our life without.

What if in a scenario like this, we lose access to our Google account and we can no longer enjoy all the services provided by Google. No worries, a situation like this can be sorted out as well. Follow the below mentioned steps to recover your Google account;

Google Account Recovery with the help of Date of Birth

Visit the login page of Google that is the Gmail login page.
Input your email address and the last password that you remember.
Once you do, it will showcase that the password is incorrect.
Click on ‘Forgot Password’ just below the password section.
Once you do, it will redirect you to the recovery page.
On the following page, click on ‘Try Another Way’
Once you do, the ways through which you can gain access to your account will come up.
Choose the most suitable way to verify that it is your account.
Choose the Date Of Birth option.
It will ask you to input the date of birth you entered when you created your account.
The date on which you created your account.
Once you input the correct information, it will send an OTP on either your registered email address of your registered phone number.
Copy Paste the code on the verification page.
Input the exact code and continue.
Once you do, it will redirect you to a page where you can change your password to access your account.
Input your new password twice.
Set a strong password by combining it lowercase, uppercase and special characters and continue.
Close the webpage and try to access your account again.

Thus, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily do google account recovery date of birth in a hassle free manner and can use their account efficiently. Always try to remember the password and maintain all the important and correct credentials in your account, so that you can access your account without any problems in the future.
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