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Article: David Hills

Digital Video Interview, Key to Smart Interviewing

Online Video Interview Tool for Recruiters

Jobma makes interview asynchronous and allows both the recruiters and the job seekers to join in the interview at their chosen convenient.

Video interview platform is designed to make interview quick, effective and cost-efficient; it allows the recruiter to connect with a lot of candidates on digital platforms working remotely.

Over the years, the video interviews have emerged as a reliable hiring tool, which makes hiring fast, accurate and evidence-based. It improves the recruiters interviewing ability and enable them to analyze the soft skills and non-verbal expression of the candidates.

If you are tired of rejecting sub-standard talents at a local level the automated features of Jobma will help you to connect with the talents globally and end your dependency on local candidates for the role.

How can a video interview software make your interview automated?

The video interview platform ( connects you with the global talent, and help you to select the best fit candidate for the role working remotely. It curbs the recruiter's dependency over local talents and enables them to interview job seekers crossing geographical limitations. Here let's see the key features of a video interview software which can make your interview automated:

Enables recruiters to review the candidates more effectively: Video interviewing tool like Jobma records the candidate's responses and helps the recruiters to review better the soft skills and non-verbal expression of the candidates.
Improve Hire Quality: The video interview software is designed to quickly screen the candidates and review the answers sitting at home. Jobma improves, which scale up the interviewing at a professional level.
Asynchronized Interview: A video interview software ends obligation to meet each candidate in real-time. A recruiter can record questions once for all the candidates, and the candidates can answer to the interview questions at their earliest convenience. Similarly, the recruiters can review & score the candidate's responses at their chosen convenience from anywhere.
Customize Interview Functionalities: Jobma video interview allows recruiters to customize interview functions such as- Think Time, Answer Length and many more.
Improve collaborations of Hiring Stakeholders: Jobma improves the collaboration among various stakeholders of the recruitment department and brings them to a single platform, which makes the interview more comprehensive and automated.
ATS Integration System: Through this features the recruiters can review the candidates' qualifications, soft skills, schedule video, and face-to-face interviews, and leave remarks from one single Jobma video interviewing tool.
Makes Interviews Comprehensive: It helps recruiters to pre-select the question kit once for all the candidates before the interview started and reduces the scope of engaging in small chit-chat when interviewing due to reference of pre-selected questions.

The above-mentioned top-notch features of Jobma video interview software, improve the hiring ability of the businesses and makes recruitment automated.

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